Live Seminars

ESL Boot Camp Live Seminars are the best way to really experience what ESL Boot Camp is all about. They are high-energy, fun, and informative. The seminars include eight hours of time together. The seminars focus on tips to help you learn more quickly, strategies to feel more comfortable speaking English, examples of how native speakers in the USA and other countries communicate (and behave), and techniques that will make it easier for students to speak with native English speakers in their own country or to adjust to studying or working in a foreign country, and very importantly, the seminars are FUN and you’ll make great friendships. Seminars are held in the USA and in other countries. Contact us for locations and dates.

In-Person or On-line Workshops

ESL Boot Camp Workshops are another great way to be introduced to face-to-face information that will improve your ability to study and your English speaking ability by 110%.  The workshops range from One-Hour to Four-Hours, and these workshops are a great introduction to the proven techniques and strategies presented by ESL Boot Camp.  The workshops are held around the world as well as on-line.  Contact us for up-coming locations and dates. The incredible workshops will motivate and help you reach your goals in English and in life.

Direct Personal Coaching

ESL Boot Camp Personal Coaching is where things are tailored directly for you.  This is personal one-on-one help.  Through connections such as Phone, Skype, E-mail and even in person, ESL Boot Camp experts can help you succeed in your short-term and long-term English communication goals.  The personalized coaching can be used for test preparation, speech presentations, becoming more confident speaking with teachers, becoming more comfortable making English-speaking friends, and much, much more.  Contact us to set up a coach for you.  The personalized coaching is an easy way to get the help you need now as well as find a path to reach your dreams.

The simple techniques are Amazing!

ESL Boot Camp Seminars and Workshops are fun, and they are a quick way to really improve English speaking success in school and in life.

The motivating strategies are Amazing!

ESL Boot Camp personal coaching is about looking at things differently and finding easier ways to reach success in school and in life.

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