Language Schools, Colleges, and Institutions

Full-Partnerships or minimally collaborative opportunities available.  From simple cross promotion to financially beneficial cooperative projects, there exist many win-win possibilities.  See how we can benefit by working together.

Teachers and Educators

Fantastic opportunities available for individuals in the field of ESL/EFL education. From passive promotion to active part-time employment, there are numerous win-win ways in which we can cooperate.  See if working together might be a great opportunity for you.

School Visits

A visit might be a great way to inject your school with an Infectious Positive Energy that could benefit students, instructors, and staff alike.  Stimulating classroom visits, speaking engagements for Assemblies, Orientations, and Graduations available.

Teacher Support

Practical and Motivational Speaking engagements and Workshops also available for teachers and staff.

Scholarships and Awards

Monetary Scholarship opportunities available to students, and Monetary Award opportunities available to teachers. Contact us for current offering of Scholarships and Awards

Next Steps...

Find out more about how we can create a mutually beneficial cooperation and improve the lives of ESL students together!