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Our Approach

ESL Boot Camp does not only teach English speaking and grammar rules.  Rather, we teach Ways of Thinking which allow students to understand easier ways to succeed in English learning and in life.

Our Story

The roots of ESL Boot Camp started in 1989 when founder Erik Seversen was hired to help set up a school in Asia.  Since then, Erik has taught ESL and EFL in the USA and around the world, and he developed simple success formulas proven to help students achieve their goals.

Team Mission

To help ESL students learn English better in their own country or to adjust to studying abroad by encouraging them to think out-of-the-box with easy strategies that will help them get better grades, have better comfort levels with teachers, and ultimately to be better prepared and motivated to reach their dreams.

You won’t find many individuals as excited about people and learning as Erik.  He’s traveled to over 80 countries around the world and all 50 states in the USA, and he’s worked in Education and Business for over 20 years.  His goal in life is to help students turn from average to excellent as they discover how easy it is to succeed by approaching their education and life differently from others.

Institutions where Erik has taught ESL

UCLA Extension: Los Angeles, California (University)

Virginia Commonwealth University: Richmond, Virginia (University)

Communications University of China, Beijing (University Prep)

J. Sargeant Reynolds College, Richmond, Virginia (College)

Phillip Morris Corporation, Richmond, Virginia (Adult Business)

Capitol One Bank, Richmond, Virginia (Adult Business)

Fun Language Club International: Bangkok, Thailand (Children)

University of Virginia: Charlottesville, Virginia (University)

France/USA Contacts: Paris, France (High School and Adult)

Green River College: Kanuma, Japan (College)


Master of Arts: University of Virginia, 1996

Bachelor of Arts: UCLA, 1993

Associates of Arts: Green River, 1991

TESOL Credential: UCLA Extension, 1996

TEFL Credential: UCLA Extension, 1996





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